Interior Designers in Mumbai: Best Interior Decorators Solution

You may have come up the situation when you were renovating your house or building a new house that you need to do the interiors of your house after consultation with interior designers in mumbai. You may have thought what will a designer do additionally to that what you have done. This mental set up of yours is not something unnatural; this is what we all generally believe. The reason being we do not have a proper knowledge regarding interior design and designers. Let us see those first.

What is interior designing?
Interior designing is a science which is mixed with arts so that the interior of a place is transformed into space which is healthier and aesthetic. It puts in some elements into the construction or layout which enables this to happen.
Who are interior designers?
Interior designers are those experts and professional who make interiors to be more purposeful, secure and gorgeous by means of determination of requirement of space and by proper selection of decorative items like color, lighting and the materials. Now, we have an idea about what interior design and designers are. Let us see one of the best interior designing companies in India. Let us know about their team and the services that this interior decorators in Mumbai offer.

Door Step Team: Best Interior designers in Mumbai

Our journey started way back in the year 1988 under the able leadership of I.D. Viral Silhar. For the past 27 years, we have touched almost all the frontiers of Interior designing with our various projects around the world. Our projects are based on residential, commercial, retail, institutional, hospitality, and healthcare. At present we are situated in Rajkot, Saurashtra, Gujarat & now also in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our proprietor I.D. Viral Silhar, one of the renowned designers in Mumbai believes that Design to be semantically correct, syntactically consistent and pragmatically understandable. He likes it to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all timeless. We under his able guidance believe that design is a tool to make people use space efficiently by the creation of an atmosphere which is accessible and adaptable. Each of our designs is unique and we wish to provide solutions to the proper utility of space.

Our team at Doorstep Interiors

Our work and experiences

We have a glorious past of 27 years regarding interiors design Mumbai during which we from Door Step Interiors have created wonderful interiors for various projects under commercial, hospitality, institutional, residential and retail. To name a few of our prestigious projects they are Sunflower Boutique, Rajesh Dhruva’s Office, Ford showroom, Bamboo Cane, Navnagar Co-op Bank and Soham Interior House. Our experience spans over 27 years and we have made interiors in such a manner that our clients are happy with the space utilization that are being able to have.

The services we provide

There are various natures of interior solution that we provide from Door Step Interiors. We provide the following services:



We provide consultations regarding interior designing. Our advice is backed by the experience of 27 years.


Packaged design services

After the initial consultation with you, we tailor a package which meets all your requirements within your budget and the timeframe.


Purchasing service

We help you to procure a variety of products which you may be requiring to finalize the décor of your interior.

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